Ilkka Auer 2012

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Nicholas North



Ilkka Auer - Antti J. Jokinen

(Nikolas North – Kalmattaren kirous autumun 2013)

Nicholas, a boy and a master thief with a deep secret – the future of the Northern people depends on his choices.

The mythical figures and dark creatures of the exotic far north of Europe are brought to life in this dazzlingly imaginative trilogy. A tale of friendship, love, plunder and pillage, and heroic deeds.

Nicholas was born with the curse of immortality, and condemned to bring disaster down on the heads of all those close to him. His village is razed to the ground, he loses his parents to the claws of a savage beast, and he is thrown among a band of thieves and ruffians to learn a trade. The cause of all his misfortunes is the evil ice-witch Hellion, who seeks to snatch Nicholas’s immortality for herself, at any cost.

““I do not feel there is anything special about me. Two hearts?

We have old men with two heads in our village, and out on

the fells there are wolves with the bodies of men. What is so

strange or important in two hearts? All I know is that I am a

small boy who has never feared anything. I do not believe that

Shaman, a wise sage and a great warrior, is right in his

claims, although he declares he has found signs from his

spells that right now a great change, a great rupture, is taking

place. He insists that all the creatures and powers of evil

throughout the North are even now meeting in secret. He

says that at this very moment they are collecting all their

might, all their magic, their hired assassins and their ogres,

and with but one end in view - to murder me, Nicholas.”

About writing Nicholas North

Writing The Curse of the Hellion was a totally new experience for me.  I had never written together with another person and at first I feared it to be strange or difficult. Fortunately Antti shared very similar feelings and ideas of Fantasy with me and the very soon the writing turned out to be easy and a fantastic experience.

Nicholas North will show a new way of looking at this kind of fantasy - no limits!